Krysta Paffrath

Marketing & Podcast Management for Western and Rural Entrepreneurs

Rural Marketing Services

Below are just a few of the services I specialize in. My goal when working with my clients is to figure out what is going to move the needle the most and work those services in first. Not sure where to start? Let’s hop on a call to find out what’s best for you. You will receive a customizable proposal geared toward the needs of your business.

Marketing Management

Having over eight years of experience in marketing, I have worked at every level from social media management to brand and web design. These days, I focus on helping my clients get found online through content marketing and SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO in the western industry is the wild west right now. In an ever-changing marketing tactic, it’s important to not only know where your business stands on Google but also your competition. With monthly and quarterly services available, there’s no reason to put SEO off anymore.

Podcast Marketing

My experience in podcast management stems from my experience with my own podcast and marketing experience. My main goal is to assist clients in managing the day-day and getting their podcasts found online.

Why Serve the Rural & Western Lifestyle?

For me, serving those in the western lifestyle is important because I think we are a vastly underserved industry. But why are we so far behind other industries?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the last several years while working with Cowboy Lifestyle Network as the Editor in Chief. I also believe there is strength in numbers and those of us in the western lifestyle are some of the most passionate people on earth. So I am setting out to bring business owners and entrepreneurs of the western industry to come together so we can advocate and grow this industry that we love so much. Together.

About Me

Hi all, Krysta Paffrath here. I am SO glad that you’re here. I am a cowgirl turned town girl, living in the city with dreams of returning back to the cowgirl way of life I love so much. Until then, I am staying busy serving women in the western industry, managing their marketing, podcasts, and bringing their big ideas to life. If you are a woman in the western industry who not only has big goals for yourself, but also for the western lifestyle, then pull up a chair and stay a while, because we have work to do!