Western Industry News | May 23

Western Industry News Updates for May 17 – May 23, 2022

Another week, another rodeo! In this week’s western industry news, we are talking about the PBR Finals, upcoming summer rodeos, industry business features and so much more!

Rodeo News

Below you will find all of the updates from the previous week with any and all rodeo news. This includes rodeo athlete updates, event updates, rodeo standings updates, and more!

Rodeo Headlines

Redding Rodeo Bull Mishap

In case you missed it, things got wild in Redding this past weekend when they had a bull jump out of the arena and into the crowd. The bull was captured and immediately put into the trailer. Unfortunately, things like this are known to happen. I am curious if you have any thoughts on what this might do to the image of rodeo in California or if it will change anything at all. Let me know in the comments! Read the full release here.

PRCA Rodeo Athlete & Standings Updates

  • All Around – Changes in the Top 5 – Being led by Stetson Wright with $206,337.40 Your other top five leaders include 2. Zack Jongbloed, 3. Rhen Richard, 4. Taylor Santos holds fourth (moved up from last week) and Paul David Tierney holds fifth in the all-around standings.
  • Bareback Riding – No changes from last week – Jess “The Pope” is leading the bareback standings with $105,367.81. Clayton Biglow brings up the number two spot with $60,898.57 and Cole Reiner moves up to third, with $57,889.03 in earnings. These standings have been a bit slow the last couple of weeks as we haven’t seen much change so far. Cole Franks and Tanner Aus are closing their gap in the number four and five positions.
  • Saddle Bronc Riding – Sage Newman still holds the lead for saddle bronc with $111,540.24 in earnings and doesn’t look like he’s letting up any time soon. The lead for saddle bronc is growing with a $20,000 gap between Sage and Stetson Wright, who is second in the standings right now. Your other top five competitors are 3. Brody Cress (moved back into the top 5), 4. Wyatt Casper (moved down from third) 5. Ryder Wright (moved down from fourth).
  • Bull Riding – No changes from last week – Stetson Wright is holding a tight lead with $148,563.70 in earnings. Your top five competitors are now 2. Sage Kimzey with$110,806.38, 3. Josh Frost with $105,080.17, 4. Jeff Askey and 5. Roscoe Jarboe.
  • Steer Wrestling – No changes from last week – Hunter has been leading the steer wrestling pack with $70,633.69 for the last couple of weeks but Tyler Waguespack is holding a solid second place with $63,238.79. Your other top steer wrestlers are 3. Tristan Martin, 4. J.D. Struxness, and 5. Tanner Brunner.
  • Team Roping – No changes from last week – Team roping has been on fire this month. On the heading side, Kaleb Driggers is holding the number one spot with $79,993.41 and Junior Nogueria on the heeling side with $79,993.42.
  • Tie Down – No changes from last week – John Douch is still in the lead for the tie-down standings with a solid $94,681.88. Shad “money” Mayfield is holding 2nd place with $69,531.66 with Tuf Cooper right on his heels with $65,600.28. Your other top tie down ropers are 4. Tyler Milligan and 5. Marty Yates.

The summer rodeo run is about to kick off. I am personally looking forward to seeing these top five positions get a little shaken up. Stay tuned for more Western Industry News Updates coming at you weekly.

Upcoming Rodeos

Professional Bull Riding News

Daylon Swearingen is your 2022 PBR World Champion! It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving cowboy. I am really looking forward to following Daylon’s career from here on out. Up next for the PBR? The PBR Team League Series kicks off tonight (May 23rd) at 6pm at Texas Live! Catch all the information below.

PBR World Finals 2022 Results

  • Daylon Swearingen is your 2022 PBR World Finals Champion. Throughout 2022, Swearingen went an impressive 26-for-60, covering 43.33% of his animal athlete opponents. He earned $1,697,481.63, including $1,394,000 for his career-first PBR World Championship and World Finals event win. Swearingen is now 17th in all-time money earned in PBR competition, with his career earnings topping more than $2.21 million. Daylon had the World Champion spot before he even rode his last bull. If you look at the results, he won by a huge margin.
  • Cody Jesus clenched second in the world with Kaique Pacheco coming in third place.
  • Ridin Solo bucked off 10-time PBR World Finals qualifier¬†Joao Ricardo Vieira¬†in 4.8 seconds during the championship round of the 2022 PBR World Finals for a 47-point bull score to win the 2022 YETI World Championship and $100,000.
  • Chance Moorman wins $50,000 at the Fort Worth Bullfighters Freestyle finale.

PBR Team Series Breakdown

The PBR Team League Series Kicks Off Tonight (May 23rd) at Texas Live. Essentially, what we are going to see tonight is the first five rounds of the draft take place to pick riders for each 8 of the inaugural PBR teams. Here is the draft order that was determined by a lottery held on Jan. 7 in New York City. The 2022 draft order is:

1. Austin Gamblers
2. Nashville Stampede
3. Ariat Texas Rattlers
4. Kansas City Outlaws
5. Missouri Thunder
6. Arizona Ridge Riders
7. Carolina Cowboys
8. Oklahoma Freedom

Additionally, each team will take three minutes per selection in Rounds 1-2 and then two minutes per selection in Rounds 3-5. There are 40 total draft slots that are divided into each round (1-8, 9-16, etc). The teams will rotate in a snake format to keep it fair and will be able to negotiate trades at any time before and during the draft and can trade/swap draft picks or current riders to whom they hold the rights. I will post the results of the first round of drafts later this week. So stay tuned!

Credit to PBR.com

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Western Industry News Recap, looking forward to reporting weekly so make sure to check back!

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