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Western Industry News Updates for April 4-10, 2022

Hi there! And welcome to the first Weekly Western Industry News Recap. In this new blog series, you can find everything you need to know about rodeo, western sports, business, and events going on in the western industry. In addition, I hope to be providing exclusive interviews and stories along the way so if you have a story idea, please drop them in the comments!

Rodeo News

Below you will find all of the updates from the previous week with any and all rodeo news. This includes rodeo athlete updates, event updates, rodeo standings updates, and more!

Rodeo Athlete & Standings Updates

  • In case you missed it, Rusty Wright is out indefinitely after sustaining a broken leg at the Clark County Fair & Rodeo in Logandale, Nevada on April 7. The injury occurred after his 83-point ride on Bar T Rodeo’s Hell Boy. Source: ProRodeo.com
  • All Around is being led by Stetson Wright with $185,588.48. It’s safe to say he will hold his lead on the all-around at least until Cowboy Christmas rolls around. He holds the top spot with a difference of roughly $160,000. He just needs to stay in the game and not get injured!
  • Bareback Riding – Jess “The Pope” is leading the bareback standings with $96,928.75, which is a rough $40,000 lead from runner-up, Clayton Biglow.
  • Saddle Bronc Riding – Sage Newman holds the lead for saddle bronc with $99,151.04 in earnings. The lead for saddle bronc is a little slimmer with a small $13,000 gap between Sage and Stetson Wright, who is second in the standings right now. This standing will definitely change as we move forward, but it will be interesting to see who the top five will be moving into the summer runs.
  • Bull Riding – Once again, we are seeing Stetson Wright in the lead with $123,034.95 in earnings. Although, this early in the season, Sage Kimzey could very easily take back the number one spot with a single win. Sage sits second with $92,375.78.
  • Steer Wrestling – Hunter leads the steer wrestling pack with $63,661.51 in earnings.
  • Team Roping – On the heading side, we have Clay Tryan in the number one spot with $68,921.93, and on the heeling side, we have Jake Long leading the pack with $68,921.93 in earnings.
  • Tie Down – New fan favorite, John Douch is in the lead for the tie-down standings with a solid $84,587.59 but Shad “Money” Mayfield is right behind him with $61,439.88. John will have to keep the steam up if he wants to hold his position.

Upcoming Rodeos

  • APR 15 – APR 16 | El Paso, AR | Central Ark PRCA Rodeo
  • APR 15 – APR 16 | St. Paul, MN | Minnesota Horse Exposition PRCA Rodeo
  • APR 15 – APR 17 | Red Bluff, CA | Red Bluff Round-Up
  • APR 16 | San Angelo, TX | San Angelo Cinch Chute-Out
  • APR 21 – APR 24 | Clovis, CA | Clovis Rodeo
  • APR 21 – APR 24 | Lakeside, CA | Lakeside Rodeo

Professional Bull Riding News

Below is everything you need to know from last week in the PBR. In addition, I will be closely covering the last couple of events for the PBR Finals in Fort Worth in mid-May. Once the finals are over, PBR will be switching gears to their new league series format for the summer/fall. You can find more information on the league series in the interview I did with Chad Blankenship from the PBR.

In addition to the finals nearing closer, there is another race as well with the bucking bulls in the YETI World Champion Bull race. Cord McCoy’s bull, Ridin Solo just took the #1 spot in the race during his two outs in the Pacific Northwest. There isn’t much standing between defending World Champion Woopaa and Riding Solo except a small 0.04 points. Both bulls are expected to compete this weekend at the Express Ranches Classic so we will see who is on top next week.

PBR Standings – Top 10

RankNameCountryPointsBehind LeaderEarningsEventsWinsOutsRides
1JOÃO RICARDO VIEIRABRA803$234,173.862454824
2DAYLON SWEARINGENUSA754.66-48.34$270,294.962655426
3KAIQUE PACHECOBRA642.50-160.50$173,3111723420
4KYLER OLIVERUSA610.50-192.50$141,270.952234219
5MAURICIO GULLA MOREIRABRA592.50-210.50$141,118.212424418
6JOSE VITOR LEMEBRA471-332$113,389.241623215
6AUSTIN RICHARDSONUSA471-332$114,483.331723412
8DALTON KASELUSA466.50-336.50$120,356.672334017
9LUCIANO DE CASTROBRA462.50-340.50$74,716.472124319
10CHASE DOUGHERTYUSA402-401$107,846.332204518
Standings Pulled on 4/12/22

Upcoming PBR Events

  • Bulls Gone Wild Featuring Ultimate Bullfighting | FT. WORTH, TX | COWTOWN COLISEUM | APR 21 | Event Info

General Western Industry News

This section of our Western Industry News recap includes anything and everything going on in the industry. If you would like to be featured, please send me an email and I would be happy to give you a shoutout in the next article.

Have You Checked Out Of the West?


– Of the West

Of the West is a much-needed site for people in the industry to be directly connected to companies within the industry looking for talent. If you haven’t checked them out, I highly recommend them.

BFI Roping Results 2022

In case ya’ll missed it, the Bob Feist Invitational took place last week, and let me tell you, records were broken. Rodeo Sports Journalist, Kendra Santos posted the results on BFI’s website which is where I am pulling results for the top three winners in each division. Please see their website for more information on the results or the event itself.

  • Hooey Jr BFI 10.5 | Aggregate: 1. Blaine Burleson and Colton W Clayton, 31.27, $22,000; 2. Aaron Raulston and Kelon Andrews, 31.39 seconds, $16,000; 3. Kalia Medeiros and Kannon Nunnery, 33.22, $11,500. | View Results
  • Hooey Jr BFI Open | Aggregate: 1. James Arviso and Landen Glenn, 32.93 seconds on four head, $25,000; 2. Jace Thorstenson and Denton Dunning, 35.75 on four head, $17,000; 3. Mason Appleton and JR Gonzalez, 35.93 on four head, $12,500  | View Full Results
  • 15.5 Roping | Aggregate: 1. Spencer Mitchell and Trigger Hargrove, 31.22 seconds, $40,000; 2. Trevor Kirchenschlager and Spencer Mitchell, 31.46 seconds, $26,000; 3. Casey Hicks and Trigger Hargrove, 32.43 seconds, $20,000 | View Full Results
  • BFI Legends | Aggregate: 1. Speed Williams and Matt Sherwood, 40.9 seconds, $40,000; 2. Jeff Hilton and Zane Bruce, 44.0 seconds, $10,000; 3. Tyler Magnus and Zane Bruce, 45.38 seconds, $5,000. | View Full Results
  • The Feist |  Aggregate: 1. Jake Cooper Clay and Billie Jack Saebens, 47.11 seconds on six, $150,000; 2. James Arviso and Josh Patton, 47.21 seconds on six, $100,000; 3. Rhen Richard and Jeremy Buhler, 47.35 seconds on six, $70,000 | View Full Results
  • 12.5 Oilfield Classic | Aggregate: 1. Chick Wilfong and Todd Thompson, 32.58 seconds on four, $180,000; 2. Tim Robinson and Jerry Skaggs, 32.90 seconds on four, $120,000; 3. John J Thompson and Levi Pettigrew, 33.22 seconds on four, $80,000 | View Full Results
  • 11.5 Businessman’s | Aggregate (on 4): 1. Rusty Goforth and Andy Anaya, 34.19 seconds, $140,000; 2. Jeff Schieber and Nathan Golay, 34.47 seconds, $90,000; 3. Samuel Livingston and Danny Zuniga, 34.76 seconds, $58,000 | View Full Results
  • 10.5 with 9.5 Incentive | Aggregate (on 4): 1. Manuel Rocha and Stephen Stewart, 34.53 seconds, $120,000; 2. Brian Jeffreys and Jason Jones, 35.43 seconds, $80,000; 3. Ferron Lucero and Perri Sanchez, 36.62 seconds, $60,000 | View Full Results
  • Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping | Aggregate (on 4): 1. Manuel Rocha and Stephen Stewart, 34.53 seconds, $120,000; 2. Brian Jeffreys and Jason Jones, 35.43 seconds, $80,000; 3. Ferron Lucero and Perri Sanchez, 36.62 seconds, $60,000 | View Full Results
  • Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway | Aggregate: 1. Josie Conner, 12.59 seconds on 3 head, $10,000; 2. Cassidy Kelly, 14.3 seconds on 3 head, $6,000; 3. Sarah Angelone, 14.42 seconds on 3 head, $4,500 | View Full Results

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Western Industry News Recap, looking forward to reporting weekly so make sure to check back!

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